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Happy New Year!

I'm a Motion Designer based in Macclesfield, creating mainly video animations, explainers & corporates for use on websites.

I used to do a lot of Flash animation in my youth, but with the mobile revolution it's pretty rare I get asked for this nowadays.
The web moved on. We should too.

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What I do

My primary services are:

  • Motion graphics
  • Flash animation
  • Banner ads
  • Digital signage
  • Infographics
  • User interface design

What I don't do

I can do quite a few things, but what I definitely don't do is:

  • Talk in the third person
  • Waffle on about "Touchpoints"
  • Use the term "Thought Shower"
  • Tweet inspirational quotes
  • Work for free "on this first job"


I have over 18 years agency experience in design and production of various projects across: print, interactive, animation, web and video. Most of the work I do now is After Effects animation, working offsite for design agencies.

Why Ramox?

Well, for a start, you won't have to hand hold me, I like to just get on with things. I'm happy being one component in a larger team, or taking on whole projects alone. I'll never tell you I can do something unless I'm pretty sure I can do it.



If you are just after a quick snapshot of my work, then my showreel should give you a pretty good idea of what I’m about.

If it’s just my video work you are interested in, why not check out my Vimeo page.


OK, so you've seen the work, you know a bit about me.
Now it's time for the fillers...

Application Level
Photoshop Advanced
Illustrator Advanced
Flash Strong
After Effects Intermediate
Premiere Intermediate
Soundbooth Intermediate